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1979 — now, a look back.


1979 — now, a look into the rear view mirror.

Ever since Paco Lindsay first rolled up the garage doors at his house on Church Street and opened Truckee River Bicycle Repair Shop in 79’, progression has kept steady pace. In 1981, the first ‘legit’ bike shop opened, just one block away from his garage. At the time, it was just a summer business that lead to a second midtown location in 1987.

Then, in 1992, the rise in Nordic ski popularity, and Lindsay’s own passion for Nordic skiing, lead to a viable year-round business focused on selling Nordic ski gear in the winter and bicycles in the summer.

Throughout the years, no matter what Lindsay wanted to call his shop, it was always referred to as Pacos. Eventually, he made it official and the name stuck. In 2006, Russell Hamby expressed interest in taking ownership of the shop. It wasn’t until the summer of 2016, now in its current location near Donner Lake, when Paco Lindsay knew it was time to go seek out some new rides and by year end, he retired.

“I get misty talking about it because it’s just perfect. Russell is like family to me. I knew him when he was 14, a phenom kid in Sacramento taking down everyone at the races.” — Lindsay

The story behind the shop epitomizes the mantra “Living the dream.” Building a community focused business fueled by deep passion and love for sport. It may sound simple to some, but it’s not. It takes grit, hard work, compromise, risk, long hours between long rides… sound familiar? Maybe this is why Hamby feels at home running the shop, due to his track record of keeping the rubber side down, more often than not.

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