Pacos Truckee


Getting to Know the Pacos Crew


Meet Holly Samson. Holly embraces what Tahoe has to offer with a smile stating β€œthe  mountains are what brought me here from the Bay Area just 38 years ago.” Holly was drawn to Pacos because of the professionalism, the positive vibe, and healthy atmosphere. For the past 35 years she has put her time into mastering the art of rock climbing in the summer and nordic skiing in the winter, BTW, she is a bad ass Tahoe woman with 35 years of experience climbing  granite under her belt not to mention her winter adventures. Aside from work and play, her true passion is being with her daughter, Heidi and her 2 dogs. From her deep roots in the community, to her contagious smile and good nature, we are lucky to have Holly as part of the Pacos crew.

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