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The Lost Sierra Triple Crown


There are three sought after races that take place nearby in the High Sierra Mountains just north of Truckee. The Lost Sierra Triple Crown is an overall points series that combines the Lost & Found Gravel Grinder, the Downieville Classic cross-country and Grinduro. Each race is at test of skill and endurance and should be celebrated as a victory for everyone who participates. Year after year all three races hit their max participation creating a frenzie as each race opens registration. The Lost Sierra Triple Crown rewards the most well-rounded riders who are fit and skilled on two wheels.


Lost & Found 100 Mile Gravel Grinder

June 2, 2018 | Portola, CA |

This weekend is the Lost & Found 100 Mile Gravel Grinder in Portola, California. Riders can choose between the Long, Longer and Longest course but to be part of the Triple, you have to choose the Longest that will take you 100 miles on 65% dirt and 6,500 ft in elevation gain. A course artfully constructed to mix a perfect blend of pavement, dirt road, gravel road and historic railroad grade. Keep petaling, your reward awaits - this rough and rowdy ride ends with an all out party in the City of Portola. Camping in Portola City Park, live music from Jelly Bread, beer garden, food and kids activities.


Downieville Classic

August 4-5 | Downieville, CA |

The Downieville Classic is a weekend long bike festival consisting of 2 races, a town wide party  full of live music and the wild and goofy river jump that launches riders and their bike into the cool and rushing waters of the Yuba River. Day one consists of the legendary 29 mile long cross country race with 3,000 feet of elevation gain and 5,200 feet of vertical drop down to heart of Downieville. This is regarded as one of the last remaining point-to-point bicycle races in the United States and your ticket to the 2nd event of the Triple Crown. Day two is for the lucky 350 participants that scored the All-Mountain entry. The Downieville Downhill is the longest and most demanding downhill mountain bike race in the nation descending 5,000 feet in just 15 miles. The catch?... racers have to pick one bike for these two very different courses to participate in the all-mountain category.



September 29 | Quincy, CA |

The Grinduro is 60 miles course with 7500 feet of climbing on pavement, gravel and singletrack. Yes, this will be a challenging loop but take your time and have some conversations with other riders because overall time does not matter, only 4 segments are timed. One is a hill climb, one a dirt road descent, one rolling pavement and the last a singletrack downhill. This last piece to the Triple Crown is designed to award all-around bike riders.  Finish out the day with the sweet reward of excellent food, an impressive display of art, live music and a good vibes camping scene.  


The Lost Sierra Triple Crown

Lost & Found + Downieville Classic + Grinduro

Put these three races all together and you have a goliath of a challenge for your summer racing goals. Walk away with years worth of bragging rights and a mind blowing glimpse into the Lost Sierra.

Ride happy knowing that each event supports the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship. This is a non-profit organization whose primary goal is the maintenance and enhancement of the trail systems in Downieville, Graeagle, Quincy and the rest of the Lost Sierra. The work performed by the organization and volunteers is helping preserve enjoyable backcountry trail access for generations to come.

Pacos is in full support of these festivals and are dedicated to helping each racer be fully prepared for these events. As you cruise through Truckee on your way to conquer the terrain of the Lost Sierra Triple Crown, stop on in and let us take care of the fine tuning.

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