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Athlete Profile: Mason Fenzl


It was 2015, Mason Fenzl was 13 years old and he wanted to take his mountain bike racing to the next level. The previous 2 years he had started competing and spent a lot of his time riding at Northstar and in Truckee. This led him to the Northstar Mountain Bike Team. Everything has aligned and this will be Mason’s third season with the team. His goals for this season focus on his personal values, “My first goal is to continue having fun racing and riding bikes with my friends. I’ve been working hard and I’m hoping for some good results this season”. Last year Mason landed a 4th place finish in the California Enduro Series race in Mendocino, CA.

With all this riding comes some bike shop time for repairs, parts and gear. Mason and his father, Matt, are regular patrons at Pacos. There are high fives and smiles all-around when the Fenzl family stop in to the shop. Mason says, “Pacos has been awesome since the first day I walked in. Anytime something isn’t working right or is broken they immediately get on it, and fix it, or replace it, to get me back on the trail. It has been an awesome experience getting to work with a very professional shop. Rich has been super helpful and has taught me a lot about how to dial in my suspension. Russell, Cody and Thad are always helpful to get me in and out of the shop and back on the trail”.

We wish good luck to Mason this season and if you happen to see him out on the trails or in the shop, don’t forget to ask him how he got lost for 18 hours deep in the woods of Downieville with his Dad.

Matt ChappellPacos