Pacos Truckee


Pacos Truckee Takes A Stance


From this day forward, we celebrate our stance in the Truckee/Tahoe community. We engage 100% in our daily acts, share our stoke and elevate as many life experiences as possible. We enable the first sense of freedom (remember your first ride?)

We take the unmarked trail, stand tall and suck-it-up when we crash. We travel an extra few miles — not just this time but almost every time. We use passion for riding and skiing to drive our actions from the beginning until the end of the day. 

From this day forward, like many days past, we bring our people into focus.
We listen and pour energy into helping your vision and aspirations come to exist.

We count smiles and track high fives.

We live for the ride, the lunch break, the morning mist, the light rays through the clouds, the sound of water running down the granite. These inspirations and our collective experience ignite our shop’s commitment to you.

From learning to ride, to racing near and far, taking the sprint finish to hanging our hats on a DNF. Each bolt we turn, each bike we build is backed by 10,000 earned smiles and 10,000 shed tears shared with you each day the lights turn on.

We stand for the ride, our community, and our customers. Thank you for tuning in. We look forward to sharing a beer and and more stories with you here at Pacos.

Matt ChappellPacos