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Getting to Know the Pacos Crew


By meandering through Salt Lake City, Mt. Hood and Alta, Cody chose to make his move to Truckee, in semi-permanent fashion, to continue his affair with the mountains and outdoor recreation. “Truckee has everything and the best part about it is that I can step out my back door and go on a great adventure with ease and little-to-no travel time — Truckee is the place for me.” — Cody

In the summer Cody prefers spending time on trails and gets out as much as possible. You can find him at Pacos engaging in discussions about the latest bike news and technology with fellow riders and coworkers. He also doesn’t let the finicky details get in the way of actually riding bikes. His advice is, “Don’t over-complicate things, just get out there and ride.”

Cody is excited to be part of a burgeoning bike shop that is always looking for new ways to improve their customer’s experience. “I can look at the clock and it doesn’t feel like work at the end of the day,” Cody says about his time on the shop floor. His passion for cycling and the great outdoors quickly comes across by way of subtle good vibes and large smiles.

Winter is sneaking up around the corner and as the shop starts to transition to Nordic skiing, Cody is excited to dive into another adventure and test his legs out on a pair of skinny skis. If you haven’t met Cody, be sure to introduce yourself during your next Pacos visit.

Are your Nordic skis ready glide? If not, get it on your radar to bring them by for a tune-up.

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