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Take Note of Truckee Trails 2018 Accomplishments


Truckee Trails Foundation (TTF) has big accomplishments to report this year. The most talked about in the greater community is a the big in-progress Big Chief Trail done in collaboration with the US Forest Service, the Big Chief Trail is located off the Southwest tip of Sawtooth trail in Truckee, CA. With one more volunteer trail building day this weekend to finish the trail to Watson Lake, this is the first official mountain bike trail built in the Truckee area in over a decade.

Truckee Trails Foundation 

5.5 miles of new trail.

90 new rock steps.

Over 100 downed trees removed from trails.

200 new drains built.

And… over 1,000 volunteer hours!

The time and dedication that trail crew members and volunteers have contributed has paid off. The trail meanders along the Sawtooth ridge high above the Truckee river with a mix of exhilarating features that include intricate log crossings, technical rock rides and banked turns that all come together as part of a professionally built  trail. The best trail riding of the year is yet to come. Check it out for yourself. Better yet, sign up to volunteer this weekend.

→  Click here to volunteer. 

Truckee Trails Foundation was founded in 2002 and has been an integral advocacy group driving the creation of bike paths, bike lanes, and multi-use dirt trails in the Truckee community along with maintaining new and long standing trails. As developments grow within Truckee, TTF will continue connecting neighborhoods with safe, publically available trails. This includes the Legacy Trail, a class one bike trail that meanders along the Truckee River from the heart of Truckee to the Glenshire neighborhood as well as the dirt path known as the Elizabeth Meadow Trail that connects Northstar and Waddle Ranch.

Pacos wants to thank all members and volunteers behind the Truckee Trails Foundation. We also encourage all of you to check them out online, donate, or volunteer to help make these wonderful community improvements happen.

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