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The Tahoe Pyramid Trail


Do you ever find yourself gazing out the window as you drive down the I-80 corridor between Truckee and Reno? The rushing Truckee River, the aspens changing color this time of year, and the mountains towering overhead are a visual magnet. This area may seem impossible to explore as the cars speed by on the Interstate. Thanks to a vision that began over fifteen years ago, this area and the entire length of the Truckee River is now accessible for the public to explore along with the those who have been fishing and mountain climbing the area for years.

It’s time to check out the Tahoe-Pyramid Trail. Yes, this unbelievable trail creates connection between Lake Tahoe, CA and Pyramid Lake, NV and is almost a full reality. With 84 miles complete, there is plenty to experience on the trail that snakes along the banks of the Truckee river. Cyclists and hikers can soak up the sound of roaring rapids and take in captivating scenery.


The best way to explore the trail currently is to do it in sections because there are a few breaks in the trail where a total of 25 more miles have yet to be approved and constructed. The journey can be broken up into 5 sections ranging in distance from 9 miles to 23 miles. Each section is composed of bike path, dirt path and even single track. Most commonly, the trail is traveled downstream from Tahoe City in a continuous eastward push through each section towards Reno/Sparks, NV but there is really no “wrong” way to go about this. The “right” way is to take advantage of this long fall season and experience the trail for yourself.


Check the website for details on trail sections and conditions.


Show your support for this trail and the efforts of this highly dedicated and persistent group of people connecting our communities and making recreation a priority. Available at Pacos now is the Tahoe-Pyramid Trail cycling jersey. Thank you Tahoe-Pyramid Leadership Team for all that you do!

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