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Spring Time MTB Tune Up

Our thirst is quenched by the long-anticipated wireless SRAM Eagle AXS 12-speed drivetrain.

Remember your last ride, you know… summer would never end. Rolling over the dirt from left to right, wheelie popping over dried mule ear plants, vantage points looking North and South up-and-down the Sierra range from peak to peak. You finished riding, rolled your bike into the garage, hung it on the hook and popped a cold IPA assuming tomorrow would take a similar resemblance.

The clouds flew in overnight, snow dropped from the sky, the skis came off the wall and you transitioned into the winter dream. Next came the powder days, drifter hut summits, spring slush and guess what—your bike remains hung on the wall mud clad, dehydrated and ready for some “TLC”.

Spring is upon us and it’s time to get your bike off the wall and into the shop for a much loved tune-up. Check out this resourceful checklist that you can use to assess your bike’s current condition and to consider booking a tune-up so that you’ll be ready to ride as soon as our coveted trails begin opening. This way you'll be ready to seize the day when the hero dirt arrives.

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Pacos Spring Tune Up Checklist

  1. BIKE WASH: Pull your bike off the wall and wash it with a gentle hand. Use soapy, warm water to free up dirt and trail residue. Ideal tools for the job: a gentle soap or liquid degreaser, a soft cleaning brush and a hand towel. Use a low pressure garden hose sprayer to wet and rinse your bike. Refrain from spraying directly into your various pivot points, seals and bearings. A gentle approach goes a long way.

  2. BRAKE CHECK: Pump the brakes. Do you notice a strong pull with even pressure or is it hollow? If it is hollow, grab notepad and write it down. Also, look at your brake pads and inspect the pads themselves—how much braking material remains on the pads?

  3. SHIFTING: After your saddle dries out from your wash, take the bike for a spin around the block. Shift through all of your gears from top-to-bottom and take note of how it sounds/feels and if it’s hitting all the right notes. If not, it might be time to get a cable  refresh and tune-up.

  4. TIRE PRESSURE: Check your tires, did the seals wear out and lose pressure? Are your sidewalls frayed and tired? How does the traction look? Starting the season with new rubber can improve terrain confidence. Maybe there is a new tire on the market that has your name on it. Or you might just need a sealant refresh, you can pick up some tubless tire sealant at the shop.

  5. CHAIN STRETCH: All that tension in your quadriceps stretches your chain over time and even the smallest amount can wear out your chainrings. It’s best to replace your chain more often than not. A new chain also makes your bike feel new which goes a long way during the dryer months on the trails.

  6. SEAT POST DROPPER: On your test ride, be sure to test out your seat dropper. It’s likely that it too could use a little “TLC”. Is it Squeaky when you sink the suspension? Does it operate to its’ greatest potential both up and down. Take notes.

  7. STEERING: Turn your bars from left to right and listen carefully. Do you hear anything buckling or crunching. Sometimes your steering tube can benefit from a simple clean and re-grease. If you hear any peculiar symptoms make note.

  8. SUSPENSION: When did you last have your fork and shock tuned up? It is ideal to get a suspension check once per season for average riders. There are a lot of things to consider and if you notice anything peculiar during your test ride… like obscure sounds, the appearance of fluid drainage, or a shorter throw in your suspension stroke then you add that to your notation list.

Photo: Harookz Noguchi

Photo: Harookz Noguchi

With all of this in-mind, you could just cut to the chase and book an appointment with the workbench at Pacos. You could do a light self assessment as listed above or forget about it, and just drop it off. We’ve got you covered. Just get down here as soon as possible to get you ready for the spring thaw hero dirt.

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