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Rider Profile: Troy Deibert


With 7 road races and 3 top 5 finishes already under his belt for 2018 and the Sea Otter Classic coming up this weekend, Pacos athlete Troy Deibert is poised for a breakthrough season. Troy’s top priority races for the season are dirt based with the Lost Sierra Triple Crown and Tahoe Trail 100 right around the corner. The Tahoe Trail 100 has been a wild ride historically for Troy with a crash resulting in a broken femur one year and a second place finish last year. This year, he’s going back to claim gold. As the 2016 USA Cycling Marathon Mountain Bike Champion, Troy is experienced and up for the big challenge.  

Troy has been a Pacos loyalist for over 20 years and says without hesitation that it’s the best bike shop in the area. Troy’s love for bike culture and hunger for the competition, coupled with his perpetual dedication, and climbing prowess make Pacos proud to help support his endeavors. Stay tuned for result reports in future emails and for our next athlete profile.

Matt ChappellPacos