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Boca Roubaix, wait what?


Riding and training around Tahoe can be a jigsaw puzzle and to break from the normal route we encourage you to try out this alternative one and to join thePacos Strava Club to get our take on fresh route options in the area and to see where other club members are riding. 

The Boca Roubaix — originally ridden by a fun and inspired local crew* as a way to to depart from Truckee, engage in Tuesday’s Reno Wheelmen Twilight Race, and return to Truckee on the dirt via Prosser Dam Road. This route is a great way to get off the main roadways and to escape into a close to home adventure. You will ride past the historical Boca Townsite, home of Boca Brewing Company (known now as Anchor Steam Brewery) and views of the Pacific Crest during the return ride. This route is know to be a peaceful journey along multiple streams, rivers, and lakes. The route is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and some chisel in your quads.

By joining the Pacos Strava Club and completing this route you will be entered to win a limited edition Boca Roubaix route shirt. The shirts will also be released to our email subscribership and sold in the shop next month. Stay tuned, this is the first route in a series of three for our fall ride series consisting of creative takes on classic Truckee rides.

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Distance: approx 45 miles

Route Summary: Bike path, road, rolling hills and gravel road riding will lead you from Truckee to Boca Reservoir, Stampede Reservoir,
Prosser Reservoir and more.


  • Begin in Truckee and head to Legacy Trail parking lot and trailhead located at the end of East River Street.

  • Continue travelling East to Glenshire on the Legacy Trail along the Truckee River (Pease take it slow and be friendly to other trail user groups as a cycling ambassador of positive vibes.)

  • Once you reach Glenshire continue East on Glenshire Drive and turn left, using the fist turn lane, to jump across onto Dorchester Drive and continue riding past the fire station and elementary school until you reach the second stop sign at Glenshire Drive, turn left.

  • Now you will follow along Glenshire Drive all the way down to Hirschdale, under I80, over the railroad tracks, past the historic Boca Townsite on the right, and up and out past Boca and Stampede Reservoirs.

  • Once you reach the end of the paved road which is bisected by Dog Valley Dirt Road turn back and double back to Boca Reservoir.

  • Once you are at Boca Reservoir you need to cross the dam to the west side of the reservoir following the paved roadway all the way and straight onto the dirt road once it changes from pavement to dirt.

  • Continue riding on the smooth like dirt road (a gravel bike or all-season tires on a road bike are ideal as is a smooth and soft, seated, pedal stroke.

  • Continue riding on the main dirt road until you reach the visually defined four points intersection and turn left to travel to Prosser Dam.

  • Ride up the first bump and accros the Prosser Dam and return to the roundabout intersection of HWY 89 and Prosser Dam Road.

  • We prefer to return by continuing west across HYW 89 onto Alder Creek Road where we pass Alder Creek Middle School and turn left on Comstock Drive.

  • Ride down Comstock Drive until the stop sign at the Teichert Plant near Stones Tires.

  • Look for the over grown bike path across the street which navigates through Pioneer Commerce area connecting to the Tahoe Donner Connector bike path route — turn left.

  • Continue down the Tahoe Donner connector bike path until you intersect Jibboom Street in historic Downtown Truckee.

*The fun and inspired crew behind this route began riding and racing in Truckee and grew to become an international cycling development team. Click here to learn more about the former Truckee based team.

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