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Nordic Ski Season is Back!


Tahoe Donner Cross Country Center is wide open with groomed terrain and tracks leading from valley to peak on smooth gliding corduroy. Enjoy epic views of snow heavy treetops, mountain ridges and incredible granite formations that stretch out beyond the horizon. Weaving  through the 3,000+ acres of terrain at Tahoe Donner Cross Country Center can be a puzzling feat — so let's take a closeup look at an all-time favorite route. This lollypop shaped intermediate lap will maximize your fitness and time out on the trails.


Approximately 8 Miles

1.5 - 3 hours depending on skill level

Take water, sunscreen and food

Let's start with the basics, this course will take you from the Alder Creek Adventure Center out to the far end of the beautiful Euer Valley and back for refreshments on the patio. You'll get to expand your lungs on the way up the stem of the lollypop shaped course heading to the Moondance Warming Hut, and then enjoy a the wind on your face as you glide down into the Euer Valley.

Once in the valley, head clock-wise out to the Coyote Warming Hut that is nestled underneath the Frog Lake Cliffs. Continuing clockwise through the valley leads you back up to the lodge. It is well signed, and if you want to add on a little more, there are several trail options available from the valley floor that meander through the forest or climb up to additional peaks.

Once you attempt this route we'll sure you'll bank it into your repertoire as a rewarding go-to journey.

Click here for more information on hours and tickets at Tahoe Donner Cross Country Center.

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Distance: Just under 8 miles (or 12.5 Kilometers)

Route Summary

Rolling hills, forest tunnels, views, river crossings and the wide open Euer Valley will lead you on a tour of the northern side of Tahoe Donner Cross Country Center. The entire rout is on “easy” (green) trails and there are 3 warming huts to rest at along the way.


  • Begin at the Alder Creek Adventure Center and head North to Pony Express.

  • Pony Express is a short uphill climb that will take you to the first warming hut, the Moondance Hut.

  • From here the trail splits into 4 different directions. Head straight ahead past the Moondance Hut and onto South Valley Road.

  • South Valley Road is a long but gradual downhill grade into the meadow and around the south edge of the valley out to the far west side of the meadow.

  • Here you will make a sharp right turn onto Coyote Crossing, this small section is a fun downhill that will drop you down to the meadow.

  • At the bottom of the downgrade you will cross a creek and end at the Coyote Hut. Take a rest, you deserve it, and don’t forget to look up at the breathtaking view of the Frog Lake Cliffs.

  • When you’re ready, head out on the North Valley trail along the North edge of the meadow. You will ski through old structures from the cattle ranch that Sophary Euer, former land owner, used since 1868 raising dairy and beef.

  • At the end of this section you will come to a large 4 way intersection. Turn right and head towards the Lodge on Last Round Up.

  • This will mark the start of your climb out of Euer Valley and back to Moondance Hut. Make sure to pace yourself up this long gradual climb.

  • Moondance Hut is at the intersection of 6 trails and close enough to the lodge that it’s usually a pretty busy resting place. Find the North Fork trail straight ahead. This will take you all the way back to where the journey began, at the Alder Creek Adventure Center.

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