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Community Feature: Jim Easterbrook


At Pacos we have a lot of people that come in and out of the doors each day. The great thing about working here is that people are generally excited about being in the shop whether it’s to get a new bike, pick up some parts, fuel for the next adventure or to enjoy a cold beer after a ride with friends. The shop has become a great community hub for many different reasons such as these. 

Jim Easterbook is one of the familiar faces we get to see in and about the shop sharing positive vibes. He knows how to take advantage of and contribute to the recreation that Tahoe is all about. Jim is a supporter of the combined efforts of the Truckee Trails Foundation, Truckee Donner Land Trust and US Forest Service and is an annual contributor.

He has been a practitioner of the outdoor lifestyle since he moved to town over 20 years ago. Being a bike rider his entire life, his early days in Tahoe lead him into a road bike crew who enjoyed century rides on the weekends. Now, with his new custom Pacos Stumpjumper, the mountain bike trails keep calling him out. He says, “I have ridden that bike more than any other thing I have ever purchased in the short time that I have owned it. It’s truly enjoyable.” As he wants to squeeze out the last few bits of summer and the ticky-tacky trails of fall, winter is when his work, as the man behind a successful painting company, slows down a bit, “it’s a bittersweet change” he says.


For the first 5 years in the area he taught at North Tahoe Middle School. In the winter, a coworker taught him how to nordic ski right out the back door of the school on their lunch breaks. Now, neighbor to Tahoe Donner Cross Country Ski Center, he loves skating and stridding throughout the winter.

A bike and nordic ski shop like Pacos does fit him just perfectly. He feels passionately about his local shop and we are lucky to have him as part of our community. He says, “The level of customer service is definitely higher than any other business I’ve experienced. The Pacos crew has taken customer service to another level.”

Next time you see him in the shop or on the trail, give a high five, try out his bike, or just partake in the amazing velcro fall riding with him that's going off right now. Dropping. 🤙🏼

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